The Ministry of Education unveils the highly anticipated results of the 2023 Advanced Level National Examinations, showcasing the academic achievements and successes of students across the nation.

The Ministry of Education unveils results of the 2022/2023 Advanced Level National Examinations

Kigali, December 4, 2023 – The Ministry of Education releases the 2022/2023 National Examination results for Advanced Level candidates in General Education (GE), Teacher Training Colleges (TTC), and Technical Secondary Schools (TSS). The eagerly awaited results showcase outstanding achievements with 99.55% of registered candidates successfully completing their examinations.

Minister of Education, Gaspard Twagirayezu, expressed contentment with the results, attributing this year’s success to the dedication and commitment of both students and educators. He specifically commended the top 17 performers, who constitute the first batch of students completing an initiative by the Rwandan government for Teacher Training Colleges (TTC). The government covers 50% of school fees in this program to encourage students to advance and develop TTCs.


Addressing gender disparities in performance, Dr. Bernard Bahati, the Director General of the National Examination and School Inspection Authority, noted that male candidates demonstrated a commendable edge over their female counterparts in General Education, TTC, and TSS. Despite impressive success rates across the board, male candidates outperformed females, achieving success rates of 96.8% in GE, 99.8% in TTC, and 97.7% in TSS.

The sheer number of candidates who sat for the examinations, totaling 80,525 out of 80,892 registered, underscores the significance of these results. The grading system, incorporating a seven-point scale for General Education and emphasizing practical examinations in TSS and TTC, further highlights the comprehensive evaluation of students’ academic and practical capabilities.

To facilitate easy access to individual results, the Ministry has provided online platforms and SMS services, emphasizing technological inclusivity. Results can be accessed online at, with instructions to follow. Additionally, results by SMS can be obtained by sending the full candidate’s index number to 8888.

Candidates seeking to appeal their results have a 30-day window to submit appeals, following Ministerial instructions No 001/MINEDUC/2022. Successful candidates are advised on the process of collecting certificates, with a special note for private candidates who will personally collect their certificates from the NESA Head Office.

In her closing remarks, Minister of State Claudette Irere emphasized the importance of accurate records. Candidates with name mismatch errors have a seven-day window for corrections, ensuring a seamless certification process.

As the nation celebrates the achievements of its students, the Ministry of Education remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment. The success of these candidates not only reflects individual accomplishments but also contributes significantly to the overall progress and development of Rwanda’s education sector. Congratulations are extended to the top 17 candidates in GE, TTC, and TSS, who have set a commendable standard for academic excellence.

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